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Sig Sauer Rangefinders


Swarovski Z6i 1-8


Carbon Arms Belts & Shotgun Accessories


Vortex Rifle Scope


Invictus Practical Chest Rig


Trijicon Optics

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3 Gun Gear Generator

Want to get into 3 gun, but don’t know what kind of gear you need? Check out our interactive 3 gun gear generator. See what it takes to compete then buy or rent the gear you need.

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3 Gun Match Breakdown

Check out our 3 gun page for interactive match breakdowns, gear selectors, calendars and event info and more! We’ve got the latest interactive content to help you discover the sport of 3 gun. We aim to get you to the range in style. Shooter Ready? Stand by….

(Coming Soon… We’ve got some incredible and interactive match breakdowns to help you prepare, train, and learn from a match)

Superstition Mystery Mountain 3 Gun

Texas 3 Gun Championships

USPSA Multigun Nationals