WE Fest 2019 Camping Rental Packages

Our presale packages will sell out quickly. Reserve yours today

Check Outside has teamed up with WE Fest to provide the ultimate in festival camping gear rentals for the 2019 Country Jam!

Reserve your  WE Fest Camping Package now and it will be at the on-site ready for you to pick up. 

Just select “Local Pickup” in the shopping cart (Yes, you will actually pick up at WE Fest.)

Don’t lug all that camping gear with you. Rent the gear you’ll need. We guarantee high quality and clean gear every time you rent.

If you’d like to rent individual items for your trip, you can do that as well. Just select them from our Camping gear list, select your dates and choose local pick up! We’ll have it ready for you at the Campground to pick up.

If you’re looking to buy gear to have at Country Jam, you can buy it and pick it up once you get there!

You Bring the Beer! We’ll Bring The Gear!

Renting is Easy!

  1. Select the number of people.
  2. Choose your add-ons
  3. select the dates
  4. Check out. It’s that easy.


** Please read our Festival payment & cancellation policy under “DETAILS” on the camping package rental page here.